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Strengthened security: off-duty 28th SFS authorized to conceal carry firearms

  • Published
  • By 28th Security Forces Squadron
  • 28th Security Forces Squadron

The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act authorizes 28th Security Forces Squadron active duty and civilian law enforcement personnel who meet LEOSA qualifications and credentialing the option to carry concealed weapons while off duty, on the installation.

This policy applies only to 28th SFS personnel, and does not include other military personnel, retirees, dependents or base visitors in possession of any form of concealed-carry permits or LEOSA credentials. 

The LEOSA authorization and policy for Ellsworth strengthens security by enhancing Security Forces’ response to threats, including active shooter threats, while aiding responding 28th SFS personnel with the capability to identify other off-duty response force members who may be acting in response to threats against self or others. 

28th SFS personnel in possession of LEOSA credentials and carrying a concealed weapon on base will not have the authority to enforce laws or conduct official duty as a law enforcement member while in plain clothing, with the exception of on-duty investigators. 

LEOSA concealed-carry is not authorized in restricted or controlled areas, or within any medical facility on the installation.

As a force multiplier to countering potential threats, Security Forces began using a variety of programs geared towards threat mitigation.  The LEOSA program has been implemented on installations across the Air Force.

“This implementation allows trained Security Forces members to provide an additional layer of defense while mitigating the potential for friendly fire once on duty personnel arrive at the scene of an incident,” Captain Zachary Jarvis, the operations officer assigned to the 28th SFS said.

For any additional questions or concerns please contact the 28th SFS Installation Security Section at (605) 385-4040.