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28th Bomb Wing

Nestled in the majestic Black Hills, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota, is located 10 miles east of Rapid City and just outside of Box Elder. The base – home to the 28th Bomb Wing – is one of only two B-1B bases in the world. The 28th BW is aligned with Eighth Air Force under Air Force Global Strike Command.

The 28th Bomb Wing guarantees combat airpower for America. Every Airman in the wing, whether sustaining people, maintaining weapons and equipment, generating aircraft, pulling a trigger, or operating a network, provides combat power for our nation. The 28th BW is home to 3,700 Airmen and DoD civilians and operates 27 B-1B Lancers.

In 2012, the base also began flying MQ-9 Reaper missions from ground control stations on Ellsworth when the 432nd Attack Squadron was stood up under the 28th Operations Group. Effective Oct. 1, 2015, the 432nd ATKS became a tenant unit at Ellsworth, aligned under the 432nd Wing, Creech AFB, Nevada. It was re-designated the 89th Attack Squadron on June 21, 2016.

Provide combat airpower – anytime, anywhere!

World Class Airmen feared by our enemies, emulated by our allies; setting the standard of excellence with an unwavering focus on combat airpower.

Blue and yellow are the official Air Force colors of the 28th BW emblem. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The emblem reflects the 28th BW’s predecessor World War II unit, the 28th Bombardment Group. The nebular partition line symbolizes clouds and denotes the wing’s area of operation within the Air Force global reach mission.                                            


Win the Fight

- Maintain immediate sustainable strike capability in current and emerging environments

- Execute airpower and agile combat support while deployed and in garrison

- Maintain and sustain our base to generate airpower

- Defend our base and network against all threats

- Accomplish the mission with combat-ready Airmen

Strengthen the Team

- Forge the resilience of Ellsworth Airmen and families through a culture of dignity and respect

- Develop Airmen personally and professionally

- Forge a safe and secure environment for Ellsworth Airmen and their families

- Sustain a premier installation to provide Airmen the facilities, resources and skills to excel

- Cultivate partnerships to create opportunities for EAFB and the local community

Shape the Future

- Exploit emerging capabilities to improve combat power, readiness, and reliability across the full spectrum of missions and future combat capabilities for the B-1

- Explore superior training and developmental opportunities to ensure Ellsworth Airmen and the installation are ready to advance and lead in emerging missions

- Develop the Powder River Training Complex (PRTC) with resources and live virtual constructive technologies to support existing full-spectrum operations and next generation capabilities

Ellsworth includes approximately 3,099 military members and 546 civilian employees, along with their family members. The base’s two sister cities are Box Elder (population of nearly 8,000) and Rapid City (population of almost 70,000). There are also about 3,800 military retirees in western South Dakota.
(Current as of June 2016)

The 28th Bomb Wing is comprised of several wing staff agencies and four groups, including the 28th Operations Group, the 28th Maintenance Group, the 28th Mission Support Group and the 28th Medical Group.

28th Operations Group
The mission of the 28th Operations Group, whose motto is to Find and Kill the Enemy, is to provide combat-ready B-1B aircrews for world-wide taskings, including conventional operations and power projection. The 28th OG consists of two B-1 combat squadrons, the 34th Bomb Squadron and 37th Bomb Squadron, and the 28th Operations Support Squadron.

28th Maintenance Group
The Airmen of the 28th Maintenance Group are responsible for providing maintenance and sustainment on the 28 B-1B aircraft at the base as well as associated support equipment. It is comprised of the 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 28th Munitions Squadron, and the 28th Maintenance Squadron.

28th Mission Support Group
The 28th Mission Support Group provides mission essential "city" services on the base and combat support services to Airmen in garrison and deployed. The group provides essential services for active-duty members, retirees and civilians and their families including food services, security, vehicles, supplies, computer and telephone support, civil engineering, educational and recreational services, and personnel support. Six squadrons are under the 28th MSG umbrella: the 28th Communications Squadron, 28th Civil Engineer Squadron, 28th Contracting Squadron, 28th Force Support Squadron, 28th Security Forces Squadron and the 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron.

28th Medical Group
Within the 28th Medical Group, the 28th Medical Operations Squadron and the 28th Medical Support Squadrons provide nearly 16,000 eligible military beneficiaries in the region with a full spectrum of medical services. 


- 82nd Civil Support Team, South Dakota National Guard

- 89th Attack Squadron, assigned to the 432nd Wing, Creech AFB, Nevada

- Air Force Financial Services Center

- Defense Reutilization & Marketing Office

- Defense Security Service

- Detachment 226, Air Force Office of Investigations

- Detachment 8, 372nd Training Squadron

- Northwest Area Audit Office                              


B-1B Lancer

Two bomb squadrons, 27 B-1 bombers assigned.

Speed: Supersonic

Crew: 4

Range: Intercontinental

Speed: 900+ mph

Payload: 84 500-pound Mk-82 or 24 2,000-pound Mk-84 general purpose bombs; up to 84 500-lb. Mk-62 or 8 2,000-lb. Mk-65 Quick Strike naval mines; 30 cluster munitions or 30 Wind-Corrected Munitions Dispensers; up to 24 2,000-lb. GBU-31 or 15 500-lb. GBU-38 Joint Direct Attack Munitions; up to 24 AGM-158A Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles; GBU-54 Laser JDAM

MQ-9 Reaper

The 89th ATKS, a tenant unit at Ellsworth AFB, operates MQ-9s from Ground Control Stations on base.

Speed: 230 mph

Crew: 3 (Pilot/Sensor Operator/Mission Intel Coordinator)

Endurance: 16-20 hours

Payload: 4 AGM-114P4/R2 Hellfire missiles and 2 GBU-12 500-pound laser guided bombs.


Ellsworth Airmen play a critical part in our nation’s defense. B-1s from Ellsworth continually provide critical deterrent presence, precision strike, and surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in response to worldwide contingencies. The addition of ground control stations for MQ-9 Reaper aircraft reinforces Ellsworth’s ability to adapt to emerging challenges. While the facilities and mission of the base have changed over time to meet the nation’s needs, the dedication and commitment to excellence by our Airmen and their families remains as strong as it ever has been.
(Current as of July 2016)

Point of Contact
28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs, 1958 Scott Dr., Suite 4 Ellsworth AFB, SD 57706 (605) 385-5056; DSN 675-5056 or email 28bw.pa@us.af.mil

Find a full account of Ellsworth Air Force Base’s history on the base’s official website at http://www.ellsworth.af.mil/library/index.asp.