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Standoff Munitions Application Center

U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet

Standoff Munitions Application Center, Barksdale AFB, LA


Ensure U.S. conventional standoff strike lethality by providing operational-level planning and integration to enhance weapon survivability and effectiveness.


To be the nation’s premier standoff weapons planning organization that provides combatant commanders with fully integrated, multi-domain standoff solutions to achieve their objectives anytime, anywhere. 

Organization Overview

The Standoff Munitions Application Center (SMAC) is a Total Force, joint organization comprised of military, government service and contractor personnel. The commander assigns tasks to applicable lines of responsibility through the directors of integration; operations; command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I); and training.

Major Responsibilities

- Plans standoff weapon routing and provides combatant commander-requested deliverables to support operations

- Integrates joint kinetic and non-kinetic effects as they pertain to standoff weapons employment

- Coordinates advanced modeling and simulation to optimize standoff weapons survivability

- Manages mission planning hardware and software support to ensure interoperability between agencies

Unit History

In January 2013, the Combat Air Forces (CAF) Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC) identified a need in operational-level planning for standoff weapons and capabilities to combat advanced adversary threats. The group recommended creating a standoff munitions “center of excellence” comprised of joint experts who would integrate the effects of standoff weapons.

By 2014, SMAC formed, operating as part of the 608th Air Operation Center’s Combat Plans Division. To accommodate a growing demand for standoff weapons integration and an expanding workforce In November 2017, SMAC stood up as a provisional unit within the 608th AOC.

On August 24, 2018, SMAC was activated and began operations as an independent organization realigned under the newly formed Joint-Global Strike Operations Center.

Major Awards

2018 Association of Old Crows’ Integrated Product Team Award

2018 Eighth Air Force & Joint-Global Strike Operations Center Team of the Year

2018 BAE Chairman’s Award

Emblem Significance

The arrows are emblematic of ranged weapons that have given humanity a standoff advantage since the beginning of civilization.  Their arc over the globe signifies the United States’ ability to project power anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.  The predominant black is symbolic of the advancement of the standoff weapons enterprise through knowledge, the red signifies the zeal of SMAC’s team members, and the gold piping and lettering symbolize honor.  The purple outer ring is symbolic of SMAC’s joint integration of multi-domain effects to optimize standoff lethality.

(Current as of June 2019)

Point of Contact

Eighth Air Force/J-GSOC Public Affairs Office; 345 Davis Ave West Suite 223; Barksdale AFB, LA 71110; DSN 331-1101 or (318) 529-1101; email: 8AF.PA.Workflow@us.af.mil