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Eighth Air Force commander's Note to Airmen - New START Inspections

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Floyd Carpenter
  • Eighth Air Force (Air Forces Strategic) commander
Mighty Eighth,

In early February, the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) was ratified. The treaty requires both the United States and Russia to reduce their deployed nuclear weapons to 700 each.

On April 1, the Mighty Eighth was given its first opportunity to show our nation's commitment to this new treaty. The United States invited a Russian inspection team to participate in a demonstration at the 509th Bomb Wing, located at Whiteman AFB, Mo. Starting April 5, Russia will begin regular, short-notice visits to our three Eighth Air Force bomb wings. Events are moving quickly.

While you are called upon to support a new phase in our nation's treaty compliance, events are taking place in North Africa and the Middle East that will require you to also show your commitment and expertise in the conventional fight. Make no mistake - as the United States reduces its nuclear stockpile, a greater percentage of our national deterrence will rely on your dedication, competence and professionalism. The upcoming treaty inspections are an excellent venue for you to demonstrate our nation's resolve.

Major General, USAF