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  • Air Force leaders discuss nuclear enterprise

    The nuclear enterprise must modernize to remain a viable and essential part of the United States' defense strategy, maintained Air Force senior leaders at the Air Force Association's annual Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition here, Sept. 16.Lt. Gen. Stephen Wilson, Air Force Global Strike Command commander, was joined by Maj. Gen.
  • 96th BS deploys in 10th year of bomber presence campaign

    Barksdale pilots, aircrew, maintainers and B-52H Stratofortresses deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, this week continuing their commitment to the Asia-Pacific's stability and security.Air Force Global Strike Command's deployment of long-range heavy bombers to Andersen AFB, demonstrates the command's ability to conduct missions and
  • Bomber Force Improvement Program Update

    The Bomber Force Improvement Program is a monumental effort that will certainly bring much needed changes and improvements to our organizations and our entire Air Force. The Bomber FIP is moving along steadily and I want to keep everyone informed of our progress to keep everyone informed of our progress to date. The FIP team conducted 1,627
  • Start your engines

    Minot Air Force Base conducted a B-52H Stratofortress alert response and quick taxi exercise, Aug. 15, 2014. The 5th Bomb Wing routinely conducts training operations and exercises to ensure its forces can perform their mission at any time. Though the runway is under construction, Minot AFB remains capable of conducting their nuclear bomber mission.
  • 5th BW celebrates 95 years

    The 5th Bomb Wing reached its 95th Anniversary, Aug. 15, 2014. Originally activated August 15, 1919 as the 2nd Observation Group at Luke Field in the Territory of Hawaii, the men and women of the 5th BW have seen action in WWII and Operations Desert Fox, Allied Force, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, to name a few.It was just 16 years after the
  • Barksdale participates in MITO exercise

    Ten B-52H Stratofortress bombers took part in a minimum interval takeoff exercise, or MITO, showcasing ground and aircrew's abilities, here Aug. 14.During a MITO, each aircraft is equipped with eight starter cartridges filled with gunpowder, that allows the engines to start up faster than a normal takeoff."We are practicing for a real world event;
  • B-52 aircrews hone long-range ISR capabilities during PANAMAX 14

    Airmen from Air Force Global Strike Command recently took advantage of a multinational U.S.. Southern Command-led exercise to hone their long-range reconnaissance capabilities.The 2nd Bomb Wing, Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, flew a B-52 Stratofortress bomber on a nonstop mission from the United States to the U.S. Southern Command area of
  • Extreme makeover: runway edition

    Originally constructed in 1957, the Minot Air Force Base flightline is truly a testament to Air Force engineering and endurance. However, after serving the base for almost 60 years, the flightline was in desperate need of a makeover. After an airstrip evaluation, it became clear that Minot's runway was overdue for repair. Once construction was
  • Twentieth anniversary of record-setting flight around the world

    You may remember what you had for breakfast yesterday, but what about lunch 20 years ago? Warren Ward, a captain and aircraft commander at the time, remembers."I had a reputation for smoking meat, so I provided the crew a 10 pound brisket for an inflight culinary experience," Ward, deputy chief of Programming Division at Air Force Global Strike