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  • Cycling for physical, mental fitness

    Do you remember that feeling when you finally figured out how to ride a bike? Your brother or sister, or maybe your parent or guardian, taught you how to balance and pedal at the same time, and then took off the training wheels. Maybe you did a weird circle until you fell down. But you finally balanced, pedaled and rode that Superman or princess
  • Ellsworth Airmen participate in Air-to-ground exercise: Combat Hammer

    Two Ellsworth B-1Bs deployed 30 inert precision-guided bombs, cluster bomb units, and decoys during a weapons system evaluation May 8 to 11 at the Utah Test and Training Range, Nevada.
  • In CASS you were wondering, B-1 AC revamped

    Sunlight pours lazily over the horizon as birds chirp their songs, flying gently in the breeze. Within an instant this tranquility is replaced by the sound of a B-1 bombers’ mighty roar, a lean, mean fighting machine ready to dispense combat airpower – anytime, anywhere.
  • B-1 capabilities, then and now – A JTAC Story

    ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. – Under the sweltering heat of the desert sun, 56 members of a U.S. combat patrol methodically traverse the uneven terrain of the Afghanistan valley on yet another mission designed to put the presence of the Afghanistan Army out there for their citizens to see. Forging ahead in the heat and 80 pounds of battle rattle,
  • Faces of Dyess: Path to Citizenship

    It’s three in the morning and sunlight won’t break the horizon for another several hours. While most people are still sleeping soundly, for one family living in a Mexican town near the U.S. border, it’s time to wake up and get ready for school. An elementary-school-aged girl named Alicia “Alice” Contreras, along with her three younger siblings, are
  • Faces of Dyess: Rising above adversity

    On a calm, early spring afternoon in the Hangar Center building of Dyess Air Force Base, the Legends Café is busy helping Airmen. Some people are there for a quick coffee while others are simply on a lunch break. Tech. Sgt. Jerrika Stark and other staffers help each Legends customer with a smile and a focus on service. She’s a member of the 7th
  • Faces of Dyess: King of the Lift

    In the back of a massive hangar packed with B-1B Lancers, maintenance personnel and the dull smell of grease is a door leading to a winding hallway. The stink of oil fades as the door shuts and is replaced with a delicate aroma of cooking meat and warm ovens. The hall lets out to a small open area with walls lined with B-1 mascots and tailflash
  • The final test: Capstone to B-1B Lancer mission qualification

    A small, dim room is lined with row after row of dark red theater chairs. The air is cold, but 11 Airmen, in a mix of ABUs and flight suits, stand in the front, shifting their weight from one leg to the other and glancing around the room. They’ve prepped their briefing with every capability, target and weapon system they can think of, but the crowd
  • Airman overcomes barrier, guards the sky

    Aircraft take to the air, navigating the highways of the sky among the birds and the breeze to reach their destination. These aviators rely on air traffic controllers to guide them safely and accurately through the open blue above.The main service air traffic controllers provide is to maintain a safe environment for the pilots. This is accomplished
  • Sailing through life: an Airman’s story of success

    The salty air pushed the boat like a knife through the cold Rhode Island bay as seagulls and the sound of waves crashing against the hull filled the harbor. A 12 year-old girl commandeers the Bris de Mer – French for “summer breeze” – a 22-foot long sail boat that belongs to her mother, an avid sailor and competitor in speed sailing. Skillfully