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  • Sailing through life: an Airman’s story of success

    The salty air pushed the boat like a knife through the cold Rhode Island bay as seagulls and the sound of waves crashing against the hull filled the harbor. A 12 year-old girl commandeers the Bris de Mer – French for “summer breeze” – a 22-foot long sail boat that belongs to her mother, an avid sailor and competitor in speed sailing. Skillfully
  • A blanket statement; keeping the homeless warm

    ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE, S.D. – A mental health technician assigned to the 28th Medical Group formed a donation event throughout the month of December 2016 in an effort to help the homeless of the Rapid City community during the frigid months of winter.Airman 1st Class Katelin Offutt, a Chattanooga, Tenn., native, organized a group to prepare
  • Old Glory travels from sea to shining sea

    The young boy stared in awe as military aircraft powered through the skies. “Which jet is that?” asked his father, pointing to the sky. “That’s an F-14! And that one over there is an F-16!” the boy answered proudly.
  • The power of music

    “I had just finished performing and this Green Beret, Special Forces guy, all bearded up, came up to me afterwards. He grabbed his ranger tab and Special Forces tab, and he threw it at me.”The performer thought he had offended the Green Beret, that he did something wrong during his performance. “He had this stoic look on his face, and he said ‘I
  • Fighting breast cancer

    "The results are positive, you have breast cancer." The doctor's words isolated Julie Jolly's body and mind, 509th Force Support Squadron Child Development Center director. Questions and concerns immediately flooded her head. She was about to embark on unfamiliar territory, and she tried to figure out her next move.Julie's doctor scheduled her
  • A view from the stratosphere: General ends 33 years of service

    The departing Eighth Air Force commander recently took time here to reflect on 33 years in the Air Force, commanding a numbered Air Force, the stand up of Global Strike command, and the people he has served with. Summing up the accomplishments of Eighth Air Force during his two years as commander, he locked his fingers together, shot a quick glance
  • Barksdale active duty, reservists complete first 'Total Force' B-52 sortie

    After completing a five-hour sortie, the wheels of the B-52 Stratofortress touched down on a still wet runway at Barksdale Air Force Base, La. The drag chute deployed, gradually slowing the jet.Rain, hail, and two "lightning within five" delays couldn't put a damper on the significance of the day's event. Despite the relentless challenges of the
  • Global Strike Challenge - A legacy of excellence

    The first-ever Global Strike Challenge culminates Nov. 16 -17 here and in the local community, welcoming top security forces, maintainers, and missile and bomber crews in head-to-head competition seeking to be recognized as the "best of the best."After months of competition, teams will come to the Shreveport-Bossier City area for a strategic
  • Secretary retires after nearly 50 years as federal employee

    Medina Paro never thought about it, but her children did. One day they came up to her and said, "Mom, after 49 years we think it is time to retire" - so she did.After 11 different 608th Air Communications Squadron commanders and 15 Eighth Air Force commanders, Mrs. Paro's last day as a federal employee was Aug. 27. Mrs. Paro began working as a
  • Mighty Eighth prepares to flex muscles at Air Force Marathon

    The air is hot and humid at the base of the Sci-Port: Louisiana's Science Center building in downtown Shreveport, La. The trail has more people on it than I've ever seen. I keep my eyes focused on the ground as the trail winds back and forth between trees, the Red River, the Clyde Fant Parkway and the East-Side Reservation. I try to keep the pace.