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  • Secretary retires after nearly 50 years as federal employee

    Medina Paro never thought about it, but her children did. One day they came up to her and said, "Mom, after 49 years we think it is time to retire" - so she did.After 11 different 608th Air Communications Squadron commanders and 15 Eighth Air Force commanders, Mrs. Paro's last day as a federal employee was Aug. 27. Mrs. Paro began working as a
  • Mighty Eighth prepares to flex muscles at Air Force Marathon

    The air is hot and humid at the base of the Sci-Port: Louisiana's Science Center building in downtown Shreveport, La. The trail has more people on it than I've ever seen. I keep my eyes focused on the ground as the trail winds back and forth between trees, the Red River, the Clyde Fant Parkway and the East-Side Reservation. I try to keep the pace.
  • Comics depict heroes, Airmen are heroes

    [Editors note: This story is part three of a three part series highlighting Staff Sgt. Eric Henson's gift in comic art and how he incorporates them and what they mean into his everyday life and family as an Airman.]He does it all. He draws, sketches and inks and when given the opportunity, he Lay leads protestant Sunday morning worship at the base
  • Minot comic artist explains inspiration

    [Editors note: This story is part two of a three part series highlighting Staff Sgt. Eric Henson's gift in comic art and how he incorporates them and what they mean into his everyday life and family as an Airman.]A Minot Airman graced with a special gift explains his art and dedication to the comic book industry.Staff Sgt. Eric Henson, 5th Force
  • Strength in numbers: Air Force family cares for its own

    After three years of marriage and their first child on the way, nothing could have prepared the Schmidt family for the news they were about to receive.Over the course of a few weeks Capt. Eric Schmidt, 96th Bomb Squadron B-Flight commander and B-52 aircraft commander, found himself having trouble keeping food down, constantly feeling fatigued, and
  • Minot Airman graced with special gift

    The first comic book to hit U.S. newsstands was a culmination of various stories from "The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck." It first appeared in New York in 1842. This first comic book fueled the fire of adventure and creativity for many artists throughout history, including Staff Sgt. Eric Henson who is currently stationed at Minot Air Force
  • Barksdale lifeguards save life of young boy

    "It was my first day on the job -- No one thinks something like this would happen. All I saw was him sinking." This is how Kasey Schluter recalls the day she and fellow lifeguard Jacob Navarro saved the life of a 7-year-old boy at Barksdale's North Pool summer kick-off bash May 28. "We noticed a little boy swimming under the water and we were
  • SFS Airmen take part in force-on-force training

    A cloud of green smoke, the sound of a screeching fire-alarm and gun shots all sound off at once. Hindrances aside, 509th Security Forces Squadron members strategically move into the warehouse to terminate their threat. More than 100 security forces Airmen took part in an annual force-on-force training exercise June 18 at the weapons storage area
  • Closing enemy windows of opportunity

    The team is huddled around a laptop outside of an enemy compound. One of the team members adjusts the image on the laptop and the picture becomes clear. Now the team can see the display of the enemy's computer - on a secure network - on the fifth floor of the building. After a decade of Information Warfare and the Air Force's recognition of